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Why I bought operationsuperhero.com
I originally bought operationsuperhero.com for a project that I've been planning for quite awhile. Whenever I buy a domain name, I evaluate the how well the domain name meets my criteria. In the case of operationsuperhero.com, I looked at the following criteria:

  1. Does the domain name quickly explain the purpose of the website? If it does, it makes the website design and branding portion of the project a lot easier. Search engines will be able to find the website content a lot easier and with an easy to remember domain name, everything else falls into place.
  2. Is the .com domain name available? The domain name that I choose for the project must be available as a .com name. If it is not, I either purchase the name from the current owner or come up with an alternative name that will work comparably well. In some cases I will buy the .net or the .org domain name, too, but only if the .com was also available.
  3. Do I have a project or a customer in mind when I buy the domain name? The right domain name makes it easy to build a business around the domain name. Since the domain name is usually the focal point of any online business, choosing the correct domain name is sometimes the most important step in the online marketing of a website.
When I evaluated the domain name operationsuperhero.com, I found that it easily met all of the criteria that I had in mind. While I do have a couple of ideas of how I would like to market the operationsuperhero.com website, I haven't had the time to put all of the pieces into place.

The next step for operationsuperhero.com
While I normally like to design the entire concept for a client, if you already have a plan use the domain name operationsuperhero.com, I would be willing to entertain a reasonable offer for the domain name without our corresponding design services. If you're serious and would like to make an offer for operationsuperhero.com, you can do this through the Network Solutions Certified Offer Service at certifiedofferservice.com. The Certified Offer Service is a good solution because it protects both parties. I've used it before with good results. If you would like to learn more about Network Solutions Certified Offer Service, click here.

How much is operationsuperhero.com worth?
The value of any domain name is subjective and sometimes hard to quantify. While the domain name operationsuperhero.com might be worth just a few hundred dollars to one person, it might be worth thousands of dollars to a person who has a specific project in mind. Even if you spent $5,000 to buy a domain name, the investment in a well chosen domain name, with the right concept, could return your original investment many times over. Plus, while many of your marketing expenses will be ongoing, the purchase of the domain name was, for the most part, a one-time expense.

If you'd like to make an offer
While many domain names have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars - even millions of dollars, I am also a very realistic and reasonable person. While it would be nice to receive a huge amount of money for operationsuperhero.com, I'm willing to entertain any price that ends up being fair to both you and I. There is a lot of satisfaction for me in watching a domain name that I previously owned be put to a good use. If you are serious and ready like to make an offer on operationsuperhero.com, click here.